What Every Great Financial Advisor MUST Have to Make Their Business Succeed

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We know that as a financial advisor you probably don’t have much time to spare in something besides your business, and that’s exactly what we thought almost a decade ago when we decided to provide services for this specific industry. Creating a beautiful and functional website requires some time and we are ready to do it for you! These are some of the elements your financial advisors website needs to put you on top of the game.


WordPress is today one of the safest and most used platforms to build websites. With WordPress you’ll have access to themes and plugins that will help you to design your site just the way you want. Other platforms that are very easy to use are Wix, Weebly and Squarespace. There are several good platforms, but these are some of the reasons that make WordPress one of the best.


Having the chance of managing and creating content easily is essential for any financial advisor’s website. If you have to pay someone else to have access to update your web it’s not the right option for you. With a well-designed site you’ll be able to do it by simply logging in. Again, WordPress is a great alternative.

 Appealing and User Friendly

Think of your website as the first thing your online audience will see of your business and is known how important first impressions are. People would make an idea about your business just a few seconds after taking a look at your website, that’s why it’s so important to have an appealing website with a professional design. But it’s not only about appearance, because a great website that does not offer a good navigation experience isn’t practical either. To evaluate if your site is user friendly, ask a friend or a relative to use it in front of you, this will help you to check if they go through your site easily of if it confuse them.

Business Tool

You probably use several tools to run your business, like mailing list services, scheduling and CRM systems, and your website should give you the option to integrate all of these tools. WordPress platform is fully compatible with these digital services. To know what tools you could include in your website, you can check the best tools for financial advisors enlisted by Docurated.


SEO is vital to drive traffic to your website. There’s no use of having a website if you’re not using SEO practices to reach the right audience. SEO will help you get the attention of your potential customers by putting your business’s site among the first search results for keywords related to financial advisor’s services.

Responsive Design

The amount of people that go online using mobile devices is considerably high and it probably will get bigger in the years to come. If you don’t have a website that loads properly on phones and tables you probably are missing the chance of reaching this growing audience. A functional website should always be adapted automatically to the screen of the device where it’s being looked at. If you already own a website and don’t know if it is responsive, you can check it on Am I Responsive?

Calls To Action

Calls to Action are meant to help your visitors navigate through your site and they will be a great way to showcase your services and motivate those visitors to become clients. With the right calls to action your visitors will become leads when they decide to subscribe to your site, set appointments or downloading any material you offer them on your site. Here you’ll find some tips to create great call to actions.

Attractive media

It’s a common mistake to think that putting a block of text and some stock images will be good enough to build a decent website, but notice that there are too many financial advisors doing it this way. Therefore, to stand out and add an extra value you need to use appealing images and well-produced videos, this will help you to keep your visitors interested in your business and it will have a positive impact on the way search engines rank your website.

Social Media Integration

Inviting your visitors to share your content on Social Media is key to increase your credibility as a financial advisor and the best way to do it is creating amazing content. Think of every share from your visitors as a personal recommendation to their own personal audiences. These are just some of the reasons why you should include Social Media in your digital strategies.


Back-ups are fundamental for financial advisors website, and any website for that matter. Using WordPress you will have access to several plugins that will help you schedule backups and keep safe the content of your site.

Great Hosting Service

A great website is nothing without an equally great hosting service. Usually a good hosting service is not that expensive, but sparing money on your hosting could be a great mistake, because with the cheapest hosting companies the chances of getting outages and bad service could be higher.


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