3 Blogging Tips for Financial Advisors

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For starters, almost every prospective client and referral you could get from existing clients will go online to find information about your financial advisor services and because of that the first thing that you need is to have an appealing and easy to navigate website.  Once you’re offering a good user experience to your visitors you can focus your efforts into offering valuable information that will keep them coming to your site regularly, and the most effective way to do it is by writing blog articles.

Writing blog articles is one of the easiest ways to improve your online presence to get more clients, and one of the most cost effective too. Writing educational and engaging content could help you grow an online audience full of potential customers that are ready to become actual clients.

So here you’ll find a few of the most important tips to run a blog on your professional website.

Use the right platform

The first thing you need to consider if you want to build a solid blog is the platform you’ll use, you need to make sure that the platform you choose it’s easy to run and it could be effectively indexed by search engines platforms. With 20% of all websites on internet, there’s no arguing in saying that WordPress is one of the most popular options and with its built-in SEO features it’s easy to figure out the reason. If you’re not sure about it yet, check this article about Why WordPress is one of the best alternatives.

While the algorithms used by search engine platforms are constantly changing, there are three aspects you need to keep in mind when you’re creating your WordPress site:

  • Header Tags: Not everybody is an expert on HTML and web design, so most bloggers use subheadings by simply using bold within a post. A more effective way to do it would be to use header tags to highlight subheadings and keywords. This way your blog will have a better performance on search engines.
  • SEO Plugins: One of the biggest advantages of WordPress is the amount of themes and plugins that will help you keep the SEO of your website in place. Yoast SEO Plugins are one of the safest and easiest alternatives to optimize your website for search engines.
  • Analytics: Google Analytics is great to track the performance of your efforts and it will help you to know the kind of content that’s generating a positive feedback.
  • Write about the topics your target audience wants to read

It may seem obvious, but it’s a common mistake. The key to running a successful blog is to generate content that your audience wants to read. Writing targeted articles will attract the right audience and the chances of generating leads will be much higher.

Take some time to define what’s you area of expertise or the areas you think it will help to stand out from your competition. Keep in mind that every blog entry you write should show the level of knowledge you have to your audience and it should offer them valuable information instead of simple having some sales pitches vibes. A great way to write compelling blog topics is to check what your clients are asking you; you can identify what are the most common questions and write about that.

Also, you should check Google’s Keyword Planner to identify some of the best topic. This tool will show you which ones are the most competitive keywords for financial advisors’ services. Don’t discard the idea of going with less competitive keywords, because while these generate lower traffic, they also will offer you a better chance of putting your site among the first results.

Don’t underestimate the power of headlines

Headlines can be a powerful way to capture the reader’s attention if done properly, but headlines are often underestimated. Almost every time, not to say always, the first thing that a visitor will see about your blog is the headline, therefore, you need to be creative when writing them if you want to generate great feedback from your audience. Here you have three tips to consider if you want to write great headlines:

  • Educate: Most of your prospective clients looking for financial content go online to find the answer to a question. Showing in the tile that you have the answer it would be effective to get their attention and make them go to your blog. For example, “How to start your retirement portfolio?”
  • Lists: The use of lists on your articles will help you to show your visitors what your article is about. Also, starting a title with a number will be more compelling than text-only headlines. For instance: “3 Things You Should Include In Your Retirement Portfolio” or the tile of this post.
  • Value: Another way to set a great headline is to show your readers the advantages of the information you’re offering. Like “Increase Your Gains With These Investment Tricks”.

You want to improve even more your headline game go to The Definitive Guide to Copywriting by Neil Patel & Joseph Putnam.


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