Best SEO Tips for Financial Advisors

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Today we spend a big part of our days in the digital world and this has turned into a habit for the average person. We even go online to look for products or service that we need, this is why professionals and service providers need to change the way they approach their clients, and financial advisors are not excluded from this reality.

We’ve said before that SEO is one of the most effective ways to reach potential clients, but to have a good “SEO on your website” you need to have at least some basic knowledge. So here we have some aspects to consider if you want to improve the performance of your professional website:


Good SEO will always start with keywords. Search platforms will rank your website based on the keywords you include on your content and links. As a financial advisor you should always be careful with the keywords you use, because it will be a determinant factor to target the right audience. Also, keep in mind that your competitors might be using similar phrases. You can find the best keywords for your business with this quick guide.

Blog Writing

Google and every search engine platform value fresh content and having great blog is the best way to include it and make your site rank high. By including quality content on your site’s blog, you will keep the attention of your visitors and it will help you build a solid online reputation as a professional.

Guest Blogging

Writing for other websites might be a good idea to increase traffic and get a better performance on search engines if you choose the right website to collaborate with. Choosing a qualified website will help you to increase traffic and improve search engine rankings.


Over the last years Google, and most search engines for that matter, has been more committed with online security and they’re trying to avoid sending traffic to hacked websites. Google recently announce that having a SSL Certificate will help websites owners to get better SEO Ranking.


When ranking a website, one of the aspects that search engines evaluate is how much does it takes to fully load. As a financial advisor you need to use a good hosting service to make sure it would reduce the loading time of your website as much as possible to offer a good navigation experience to your visitors and perform better on search engines.

Internal Links

Hyperlinks are the foundation of Google’s algorithms and are used to rank websites based on the way the pages within are linked with each other. Including internal links on your website will make that search engines index more pages from your site and it will help your visitors to find the information they’re looking for on the easiest way possible.


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