Local SEO

Digital marketing is a practice that is unceasingly changing and evolving. Everyday there are new aspects that we need to consider in our strategy to make sure your business grows successfully. Local SEO is one of the results of this evolution.

What is Local SEO?

It’s no more than the use of SEO practices to promote business in specific locations. By using a variety of techniques, “local businesses” can expose their services to local customers on search engine platforms. Depending on the nature of your business, local SEO might be the way to add an extra value to your targeting approach, allowing you to reach more potential customers, increasing the traffic “your website generates” and making it much easier for your customer to find the location of company.

Why is Local SEO Important?

Local SEO might be overwhelming when you’re taking the leap into the digital marketing world. But using Local SEO techniques could be the one thing you’re missing to step up your digital presence.


The importance of Local SEO relies on these 5 aspects:

number 1

Internet and digital platforms are a big part of our lives

Every day more and more people go online to find information about businesses in their area and this number is way higher if we take into account the mobile device users that use their smartphones or tablets to find specific information about local service providers while they’re on the go.
number 2

Several FREE options!

If you want to add your business to online directories you’ll find several free platforms that (like Google My Business, Bing Places for Business, and many more) will put you one step closer to your clients.
number 3

Highly targeted

Many people that go online looking for local business that provides the services they need without having the name of a specific business in mind. Local SEO techniques will help you to promote you services with local customers when they’re looking for similar services to the ones you offer.
number 4


The costs for local SEO is much lower than the costs of traditional advertising and the best part of it is that being so highly targeted, your customers will find your business just when they need the services you provide. This is why local SEO is such a cost-effective alternative.
number 5

Credibility and Brand Awareness

We talked already about the role the internet has in our lives. We use it on daily basis to look for the products and services we need and we tend to think that if something is not online it simply doesn’t exists. By including local SEO in your strategies, you will have the chance of creating an online reputation for your business that will keep growing with the positive reviews your clients will leave about your services on these platforms.


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