The Social Network That Every Financial Advisor Should Use

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It’s no secret that Facebook and Instagram are the top social media platforms today, with 1 billion users and 300 million respectively; they got the higher number of active users. But today we also need to consider Instagram and Snapchat as two strong alternatives for online social interactions.

With that many options is normal to feel overwhelmed when it comes to choose a social network to promote your professional services with social media strategies; and surely you are too busy running your business so you don’t have much time to spend on all of these social networks. So, this is the question: What’s the best Social Network for financial advisors?

And the answer is LinkedIn. With 15 years since its launch, LinkedIn has evolved from a social network to publish your resume to a place where you can create valuable connections and showcase your experience, skills and expertise. It’s no secret why LiknedIn is today the advisors’ preferred social media platform according to a study by Putnam Investments.

These are the reasons why LikedIn is the best Social Network for financial advisors.

It’s Cost-Effective

Communicating and sharing information with your audience can be a tedious task sometimes, and it could take time and money to do it. With a proper LinkedIn profile you will have the chance of messaging with several potential clients easily at the same time. This could be a great advantage for financial advisors, because as we know, time equals money, especially if we’re talking about the financial industry. If you want to step up your LinkedIn game you can check these 4 LinkedIn Tips for Financial Advisors.

It Will Help You to Communicate With Your Clients

As we’ve said before, communication is key for financial advisors, and an effective communication strategy is much more than sharing information online. LinkedIn it’s an amazing alternative to keep in touch with the clients you already have because sometimes you might not be available to set an appointment or talking over the phone, but you keeping in contact with your clients through this platform would make them feel that you are there for them. Also, communicating through LinkedIn is perceived as a more professional approach than other social platforms.

Higher ROI

Nowadays, every efficient digital marketing strategy needs to include some social media practices to guarantee the value of your campaign, and for “financial advisors”’ businesses, LinkedIn is one of the best options to help them grow the 2.0 presence of their brand. While it may take some time to get the trust of the potential customer you get online, Social Media is great to start a conversation with them. In fact, Putnam Investment reports that Social Media has helped 80% of financial advisors to get clients during the last 3 years.

Look every interaction as a potential deal, you just need to take it to the next level to turn that connection into a closed deal. Think of social media as an opportunity to build a valuable reputation that will help you get more clients from the 2.0 world.


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