How Financial Advisors Can Use LinkedIn to Grow Their Businesses

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It’s a known fact the power of Social Media as a tool to optimize the 2.0 presence of different kinds of companies, but there was a little more of skepticism on the financial services industry. These days, the number of financial advisors profiles on LinkedIn has increased considerably compared to previous years. And after seeing the Top 3 reasons Why Financial Advisors Should Use Linkedin it’s easy to understand this tendency.

So, knowing the influence that a LinkedIn profile could have on the growth of your business, let’s take a look to the best practices for “financial advisors” on their profiles.

Grow your Network

While Facebook is great to find old friends and relatives, LinkedIn is better when it comes to find potential business contacts.

The best way to start growing your network is basing the searches on location and schools, this way you can generate connections based on common interests and backgrounds, and if there are common connections would be much easier to introduce yourself and generating leads. Potential clients might be more willing to work with you if they don’t feel you’re just a sales person adding them out-of-the-blue. Besides commonality, another great alternative to grow your network and drive people to your profile is participate in group conversations, in fact, according to Mashable, those who engage in this kind of interactions receive up to four times more profile views that those who don’t.

Efficient Connections

When you’re building your professional profile on LinkedIn you may be tempted to send message using the native LinkedIn tools, but there might be a more effective way to approach those potential clients.

After you request a connection on LinkedIn, contacting potential clients is much more effective when it’s done via phone, and while it could be awkward at first could help you to engage with your client successfully.


It’s no secret that LinkedIn is the most effective social network to boost the performance of financial advisors businesses. It’s a great platform to find potential clients because it allows you to connect professionally with people and generate leads based on common interests and backgrounds.

While it’s true that everyone has different approaches when it comes to Social Media, it’s also true that the main goal for everyone who’s considering taking their business to the digital world is to get more clients. If you want to take full advantage of your LinkedIn connections you can check this guide to make Great Connections on LinkedIn.


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